Report on

 “Strengthening HMIS using DHIS2” a three-day workshop in Jessore”


  1. Training details:
Title The use of DHIS2
Key Objective Capacity Building of health managers and other relevant personnel on DHIS2 and the use of data
Date and time November 15-17, 2016; 9.00am -5.00pm
Venue Brac Learning Center, Jessore
Participants UH&FPO, IT Focal Person, Statistician, Senior Stuff Nurse from each Upazila of Jessore district, relevant personals from 250 Bed Hospital of Jessore district and Jessore Civil Surgeon office.
Total participants 42
Total Facilitators 11
Organized by MIS, DGHS
Supported By Strengthening Health Applying Research Evidence (SHARE) project funded by EU, icddr,b, UNICEF, HISP Bangladesh, COIA+ Secretariat


  1. Description of activities:

In Bangladesh, District Health Information System (DHIS2) software is being used to collect and analyze aggregate data from government-run health facilities. icddr,b continues working closely with government to strengthen capacities to generate flawless health data from different tiers of health facilities. As part of this initiative, SHARE (Strengthening Health Applying Research Evidence) project, funded by EU funded, icddr,b supported to organize a three-day  workshop in Jessore district along with UNICEF, HISP Bangladesh and COIA Secretariat . This workshop was organized by MIS, DGHS with key stakeholders supporting strengthening HMIS system of Jessore district from 15-17 November, 2016 in Brack Learning Center, Jessore from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.  The main objective of this workshop was to enhance capacity of district health managers’ on the use of data using DHIS2.

Day 1: November 15, 2016

The three-day HMIS workshop started with registration and inaugural session. The inaugural session was chaired by Dr. Md. Raushan Anwar, Director Health, Khulna Division. Then welcome speech provided by Dr. Shyamal Krishna Shaha, Superentent, 250 Bed hospital,Jessore. In his speech he thanked icddr,b to take such timely and important initiative for strengthening HMIS in Jessore district.  He emphasized on the human resource problem. One Statistician in a health facility is involved in different types of work and so cant concentrated on their own assigned activitiy properly. Dr. Gopendra Nath, Civil Surgeon, Jessore, delivered his valuable speech. In his speech he mentions that the health managers should take the opportunity of the power of information and moving forward accordingly. Dr. Jannatul ferdous, Deputy Project Coordinator, icddr,b delivered her speech and briefly present the activities of EU funded SHARE project and the goal of this training workshop. She also heightened the importance of quality data and using data the health managers can take the evidence informed decision.  The Objectives of the workshop presented by Dr. Adana Khan, Assistant Chef MIS, DGHS. After that Dr. Rawshan Anwar , Director, Health , delivered his valuable speech. In his speech he focused on the Importance of MIS and data and Information and opening the workshop.

After the introductory session, scheduled sessions were conducted by respective facilitators as follow:

Sl No. Topic Facilitator
1. Introduction to Health System  & MIS. Dr. Jannatul Ferdous, icddr,b
2.         Introduction to DHIS2 and other software used in MIS, DGHS Dr. Adnan Khan/Md. Zobayer, Khulna/ Md. Asaduzzaman  Siddique
3.         Showing Data Collection forms – Aggregated Masud Parvez, Saiful Islam, Md. Abul Hayat Rony,  Dr. Jannatul Ferdous
4.         Individual : focus on some important data collection forms; errors in data Tasmia, Waliul Hasan, Dr. Adnan khan, Mr. Zillur Rahman
5.         Quality of data Dr. Jannatul Ferdous

In the session of Introduction to Health System & MIS,  Dr. Jannatul Ferdous presented the basic concept of health system and MIS. Md. Zobayer Hossain, Assistant Chief, Khulna Divisional Office presented the overview of HMIS  system used in MIS, DGHS. Md. Masud Parvez, Analyst Programmer, icddrb and Mohammad Saiful Islam, Senior Programmer, icddr,b showed data collection forms – Aggregated. After that Mrs. Tasmia, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, COIA+, icddr,b and Md. Waliul Hasan presented individual  tracking system  focusing on some important data collection forms and errors in data and finally Dr. Jannatul Ferdous presented on the data quality and its impact.

Day 2: November 16, 2016

The 2nd day of the training session started with a recap session facilitated by Dr. Jannatul Ferdous. After the short recap, scheduled sessions were conducted by respective facilitators as follow:


Sl No. Topic Facilitator
1. Recap Dr. Jannatul Ferdous
2. How to analyze data, presentation through dashboards/ Demonstration on dashboard (graph, line pivot, GIS) Mr. Abul Hayat Rony ( UNICEF)/ Masud Parvez, Saiful Islam
3. Individual tracking and monitoring Tasmia, Waliul Hasan
4. Group work (creating 5 tabs: Child, maternal, death, reporting, logistics for every sub-district) All facilitators
5. Presentation by each group UHC and Sadar Hospital


Mr. Abul Hayat Rony, HMIS consultant presented how to analyze data, presentation through dashboards/ demonstration on dashboard (graph, line pivot, GIS) . Mrs. Tasmia and Mr. Hasan presented individual tracking and monitoring.

Group work – Group was formulated according to role such as UH&FPO, statistician, IT focal person, Senior Staff Nurse. Each group had five case studies (Child, maternal, death, reporting, logistics for every sub-district).  For each group, one facilitator was assigned to help them.

Day 3: November 17, 2016

After the short recap, scheduled sessions were conducted by respective facilitators as follow:

Sl No. Topic Facilitator
1. Recap Dr. Jannatul Ferdous
2. Health Bulletin Masud Parvez, Saiful Islam
3. Public Dashboards Masud Parvez, Saiful Islam
4. Template  for monthly meeting/Dashboards for monthly meeting Masud Parvez, Saiful Islam
5. Q/A : address issues in the field

Spot Problem and Solving Sessions

All facilitators

Mr. Masud Parvez and Mr Saiful Islam presented newly created Health Bulletin which will come automatically from different data source. They also presented the DGHS Public Dashboards and template for monthly meeting/dashboards for monthly meeting. After that in spot problem solving session lots of issues was solve instantly like the user login problem, some dashboard issues. Some problems like internet and hardware issues was addressed by MIS, DGHS and they promise to solve as early as possible.

  1. Pre- and Post-test assessment:

Pre and post test was conducted to see the change in attainment of knowledge in participants. Total score was 29 and duration was 20 minutes.

Score Highest Lowest Average
Pre test 22 5 54.16
Post test 25 11                 64.41
  1. Course evaluation:

At the end of the course, an evaluation was conducted to perceive opinion of participants. Few comments from the participants are as follows:

  1. This three days session was good and would be very helpful
  2. This type of training was required earlier specially for UH&FPO who didn’t get this DHIS2 training earlier so effectively.
  3. This training will help to use the DHIS2 and use of data for analysis and decision making
  4. All resource person were very efficient and talented
  5. Observations/recommendations:


  1. Most of the statistician know about the basic use of DHIS2 but from this training they come learn how to analyze data with the help of their respective health managers
  2. Though UH&FPO was very much new to this system, after this training they present their own created dashboard in DHIS2
  3. Lots of field end-user issues had been solved instantly during this training especially on individual tracking.
  4. Refresher training should be conduct after 6 month
  5. Issue Ticket System for solving the field problems and issue or create a email group for that.
  6. Statistician will create at least 10 tab and present in the next monthly meeting
  7. IT focal person and statistician will help the UH&FPO to use the data properly
  8. Internet bandwidth should be increased and non-functioning modem, laptop and Tab issue should be resolved as early as possible


Dr. Md. Raushan Anwar, Director Health, Khulna Division, Dr. Gopendra Nath Civil Surgeon, Jessore, Dr. Md. Abul Fajal, Deputy Director, Khulna Division was present in the closing ceremony. All the participants were highly impressed with the training. They stated that as health manager, the learning from this training would be extremely beneficial for them in future planning and decision making using this tool. From the representative of IT focal person Dr. Mausumi Paul, UHC Baghear Para, Assistant Surgeon delivered her speech about overall of the training. She said that the training was fruitful and from this hands-on training they learn how to analyze data and use the data for decision. Dr. Gopendra Nath Civil Surgeon, Jessore said that all the participants should keep using this system and the DHIS2 dashboard will be used in next district monthly meeting. Dr. Md. Abul Fajal Deputy Director, Khulna Division emphasized on all the HMIS system of DGHS including the newly created dashboard and health bulletin. Finally, the chair of the workshop, Dr. Md. Raushan Anwar, Director Health, Khulna Division made his concluding remarks of three-day’s workshop. In his concluding remarks, the chairman of the workshop said that the workshop has been very successful and thanked all the organizer and participants of the workshop and announced the closure of the workshop.


List of participants: (Not according to seniority)

Sl Participant Name Organization Designation Phone
1 Dr. Rashidul Islam Civil Sergeon Office, Jessore A/O Civil Sergeon Office Jessore 1711374036
2 Mirza Sorowar Hossain C/S Office Jessore Dist. EPI Sup: 1716679798
3 Shishir Kanti Paeel C/S Office Jessore D.S.I 1718974363
4 Md. Abdul Hayum Civil Sergeon Office, Jessore Statistician 1718766837
5 Dr. G. K. Md. Shamsuzzaman UHC, Jesore UH&FPO 1748967908
6 Rezia Khatun Mrs. UHC Sadar, Jessore Statistician 1718692500
7 Dr. Md. Imdadul Haque UHC, Chowgasha, Jessore UH&FPO 1819707337
8 Dr. Ahmed Faisal UHC, Abhaynagar, Jessore Medical Officer 1766906000
9 Dr. Md. Rashed Rabbi UHC, Chowgacha Medical Officer 1718700872
10 Md. Shamsul Falah Civil Surgeon Office Office Assistant 1717613288
11 Mr. Golam Hossain UHC Chowgacha Statistician 1911024208
12 Jhumur Halder UHC, Chowgacha S.S.N 1556561135
13 Mist. Tanjira Khatun UHC Baghar Para S.S.N 1716367033
14 Dr. Md. Shariful Islam UHC, Jhikargacha UH&FPO 1715008428
15 Dr. Mausumi Paul UHC Baghear Para Sssistant Surgeon 1712487278
16 Kanchan Bala Tarafder UHC Keshab Pur S.S.N (Statistician in Charge) 1715352140
17 Shonoka Ghosh UHC, Jhakargacha S.S.N 1724239924
18 Md. Giash Uddin Civil Surgeon Office SHEO 1927411798
19 Kajal Biswas UHC Monirampur S.S.N 1730523535
20 Dr. Shaikh Abu Shahin UHC Keshab Pur UH&FPO 1716448382
21 Mr. Sukumar Roy UHC Baghear Para Statistician 1731476567
22 Dr. Zahurul Haque UHC Sharsha Medical Officer 1912620031
23 Sheaikh Mahabubul Hasan UHC, Jhikargacha Statistician 1716289856
24 Dr. Md. Harun Or Rashid UHC Baghear Para UH&FPO 1760859761
25 Zesmin Akter UHC Sharsha Statistician 1912983050
26 Dr.Reyad Bin Ali UHC Sadar, Jessore Assistant Suegeon 1916105980
27 Dr. Monzurul Murshid UHC Sharsha UH&FPO 1717813344
28 Dr. Md. Ashikuzzaman UHC, Jhikargacha Medical Officer (ICT) 1711903371
29 Dr. Arif Ahmed CS Office Jessore MODC 1913950403
30 Dr. Ahmed Badruddoza UHC Abhoynagar UH&FPO 1711392450
31 Dr. Dilip Roy UHC Monirampur UH&FPO 1711785163
32 Mr. Ashutosh Kumar Dey UHC Monirampur Statistician 1715384974
33 Mst. Amina Khatun UHC Keshab Pur S.S.N 1726865220
34 Dr. Md. Selim Reza CS Office Jessore Medical Officer 1730164448
35 Md. Shadekur Rahman Azad UHC Abhoynagar Statistician 1712574511
36 Mst. Rawsonara Khatun UHC Abhoynagar S.S.N 1923865246
37 Dr. Palash Kumar roy UHC Keshab Pur Medical Officer (ICT) 1715712428
38 Mst. Shahanaj Parvin 250 Bed Hospital, Jessore Stono 1712485393
39 Mahfuza Khnam 250 Bed Hospital, Jessore Statistician 1779939392
40 Dr. Md. Touhidul Islam UHC Monirampur RMO 1710875723
41 Dr. ABM Ali Ahsan CS Office Jessore DCS 1716094792
42 Farhana Sultana UHC Sharsha S.S.N 1716831682



  1. List of facilitators: (Not according to seniority)
Sl Participant Name Organization Designation
1 Dr. ABM Golam Sorwar Farukh Khulna Divisional Office Assistant Director ( Admin)
2 Md. Zobayer Hossain Khulna Divisional Office Assistant Chief
3 Dr.  Mohammad Adnan Khan MIS, DGHS Assistant Chief ( Medical)
4 Mr. Asaduzzaman MIS, DGHS Assistant Programmer
5 Mr. Zillur Rahman MIS, DGHS Assistant Statistician
6 Mrs. Tasmia, icddr,b COIA+, icddr,b Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
7 Md. Waliul Hasan COIA+, icddr,b Senior Programmer
8 Mr. Abul Hayat Rony HMIS consultant unicef
9 Dr. Jannatul Ferdous icddr,b Deputy Project Coordinator
10 Masud Parvez icddr,b Analyst Programmer
11 Saiful Islam icddr,b Senior Programmer