• RPCC will act as a useful repository for health policy documents

The Research to Policy Communication Cell (RPCC) within the  Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) is an online portal and repository of relevant evidence for tackling health problems in Bangladesh that was originally established as part of a Welcome Trust/WHO grant to icddr,b to enhance evidence-informed health policy making. The RPCC acts as a point of contact and communicator of high quality evidence for health policy decision-making between DGHS and the research community. Through RPCC- research evidence, knowledge of health issues and health interventions are disseminated in the form of policy briefs and full-length articles to both the public, research community and policy makers of Bangladesh.

This website aims to be a one-stop-shop of information for those interested in health research and health policy in Bangladesh. Hosted by the DGHS, this website pulls together health research evidence from academic publications, policy briefs, newspapers and other source

SHARE (Strengthening Health, Applying Research Evidence) project implemented by icddr,b is supporting the DGHS to strengthen RPCC. This is a capacity building initiative under the European Union’s ‘Supporting Public Health Institutes Programme’ (SPHIP) being implemented in eight countries including Bangladesh. 

Recent Document
  • Willingness-to-Pay for Community-Based Health Insurance among Informal Workers in Urban Bangladesh.
  • Community skilled birth attandants Do They Make a Difference in the Community?


This resources section intends to facilitate access to the latest research but also support those carrying out their own cutting ...
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Policy Brief

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Research Guide

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Recent Publication from PubMed

  1. Saha, S, Saha, S, Saha, SK. Barriers in Bangladesh. Elife. 2018;7 :. doi: 10.7554/eLife.41926. PubMed PMID:30234484 .
  2. Karo, B, Haskew, C, Khan, AS, Polonsky, JA, Mazhar, MKA, Buddha, N et al.. World Health Organization Early Warning, Alert, and Response System in the Rohingya Crisis, Bangladesh, 2017-2018. Emerging Infect. Dis. 2018;24 (11):. doi: 10.3201/eid2411.181237. PubMed PMID:30234479 .
  3. Habtewold, TD, Mohammed, SH, Endalamaw, A, Akibu, M, Sharew, NT, Alemu, YM et al.. Breast and complementary feeding in Ethiopia: new national evidence from systematic review and meta-analyses of studies in the past 10 years. Eur J Nutr. 2018; :. doi: 10.1007/s00394-018-1817-8. PubMed PMID:30229308 .
  4. Zamir, R, Islam, ABMN, Rahman, A, Ahmed, S, Omar Faruque, M. Microbiological Quality Assessment of Popular Fresh Date Samples Available in Local Outlets of Dhaka City, Bangladesh. Int J Food Sci. 2018;2018 :7840296. doi: 10.1155/2018/7840296. PubMed PMID:30228979 PubMed Central PMC6136486.
  5. Wojcik, GL, Marie, C, Abhyankar, MM, Yoshida, N, Watanabe, K, Mentzer, AJ et al.. Genome-Wide Association Study Reveals Genetic Link between Diarrhea-Associated Entamoeba histolytica Infection and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. MBio. 2018;9 (5):. doi: 10.1128/mBio.01668-18. PubMed PMID:30228239 .

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Recent Activities

Jul 02

‘SHARE’ project in a new Devex article: How the EU is battling against threats to the world’s health


The numbers speak for themselves: Noncommunicable diseases — cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases — kill over 40 million people each year, accounting for close to three-quarters of all deaths globally. Some 80 percent of NCD deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries — the same countries that ..Read more

Jun 06

DHIS2 June Monthly Core Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: 10/6/2018

Time: 11:00 AM – 1.00PM

Venue: IT Lab, MIS, DGHS


Dr. Md. Abus Salam (Chief, HIU), MIS, DGHS

Dr. Md Harun ur Rashid, Deputy Director, MIS,DGHS

Dr. Anwara Shareef , Deputy Chief (Medical ), MIS

Md. Ashraful Islam Babul, Deputy Chief (Non-medical ), MIS , DGHS

Md. Burhan Uddin Ahamed, Programer, MIS, DGHS

Md. Razi ..Read more