A. Training details:
Title: Health Systems Research & Evidence-based Health Policy Making
Date and time: February 25-27, 2018. 9:00am-5:00pm
Venue: BRAC BLC, Jessore
Division: Khulna
Total participants: 35
Organized by: SHARE project of icddr,b and Planning, Monitoring & Research unit of DGHS, MOHFW.
B. List of participants:
1 Dr. Md Hussain Shafaat UH&FPO UHC, Kaliganj, Jhenaidah
2 Dr. Subroto Kumar Biswas MOCS UHC, Magura
3 Dr. Gopal Chandra roy Asst. Surgeon UHC, Kolaroa, Satkhira
4 Dr. Alok Kumar Bagchi MOCS UHC, Narail
5 Dr. Md Ashik Hasan MO UHC Sreepur, Magura
6 Dr. Umme Ayesha MODC CS Office, Magura
7 Dr. Md. Wohiduzzaman Asst. register 250-bed General Hospital, Jessore
8 Dr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman UH&FPO UHC, Gangni
9 Dr. Md. Auliar Rahman MODC CS office, Chuadanga
10 Dr. Sharmin Nahar Luna Lecturer Jessore Medical College
11 Dr. Md. Tauhidur Rahman Junior Consultant Jessore Medical College
12 Dr. Md. Abdul Latif UH&FPO UHC, Debhat, Satkhira
13 Dr. Md Masud Rana UH&FPO UHC, Alamdanga, Chuadanga
14 Dr. Md Golum Sheikh Ferdaus MODC UHC, Alamdanga, Chuadanga
15 Dr. Mir Abu Maud MO UHC, Bagherpara
16 Dr. Md. Atiar Rahman Sheikh DCS CSO, Khulna
17 Dr. Abul Kashem Mohammad Kabir Asst Professor, Anatomy Jessore Medical College
18 Dr. Md Abdus Samad MO 250-bed General Hospital, Jessore
19 Dr. Tansiv Zubayer MODC UHC Shalikha Magura
20 Dr. Md Ekhlasur Rahman Asst registre 250-bed General Hospital, Jessore
21 Dr. Rashed Al Mamun UH&FPO, UHC, Mollahat Bagerhaat
22 Dr. Md Habibur rahman Asst Surgeon UHC, Navaron, Jhikargacha
23 Dr. Md. Aurangazeb RMO UHC, Chaugacha
24 Dr. Md. Anam Uddin MO UHC, Shorsha
25 Dr. Farhana Yasmin Junior Consultant surgery 250-bed General Hospital, Jessore
26 Dr. H. M. Anwarul Islam UH&FPO UHC, Mujibnagar, Meherpur
27 Dr. Md Shahabuddin UH&FPO UHC, Kotchandpur
28 Dr. M. M. Anisur rahman Asst Professor Jessore Medical College
29 Dr. Harun Or Rashid DCS CSO, Jeessore
30 Dr. Amiyo Das MO UHC, Abhayanagar
31 Dr. Prosenjit Biswas MOCS CSO, Jhenaidah
32 Dr. Kh. Md. Babar UH&FPO UHC, Shailkupa, Jhenaidah
33 Dr. Md. Sazzad Hossain RMO UHC, Daulatpur
34 Dr. Md. Shamim Reza MO UHC, Meherpur
35 Dr. AHM Mostafa Kamal Lecturer Jessore Medical College

C. List of facilitators:
1. Dr. ATM Iqbal Anwar (icddr,b)
2. Dr. Ferdausee Haque (DGHS)
3. Dr. Shahed Hossain (icddr,b)
4. Prof. Shibbir Ahmed (SOMC)
5. Dr. Emdadul Huq (Senior consultant, Jhenaidah Sadar Hospital)
6. Dr. Mahmudur Rashid (UH&FPO), Monpura.
7. Dr. K.M. Saif-Ur-Rahman (icddr,b)
8. Dr. Roksana Nazneen (icddr,b)
9. Mr. Al Mamun (icddr,b)
10. Mr. Badshah Sikandar (icddr,b)

D. List of Observers:

1. Dr. Ferdausee Haque, Ex Line Director, DGHS
2. Dr.Md. Rowshon Anwar, Divisional Director, Khulna Division
3. Dr. Sher E Mostafa Sadik Khan, Acting Director, PMR, DGHS
4. Dr. Dilip Kumar Roy, Civil Surgeon, Jessore
5. Dr. Md. Saiful Islam, DPM, PMR, DGHS
6. Mr. Saidul Karim Mintu, Mayor, Jhenadah
7. Mr. Anisur Rahman Khoka, Ex-Mayor, Jhenaidah

E. Logistics Support:

1. Syed Shamsul Huda Uzzal
2. Mr. Nadim

F. Description of training activities:
Day 01: February 25, 2018
The training workshop started with welcoming the participants and introduction of all attendees by Dr. ATM Iqbal Anwar followed by sharing training objectives. Afterwards, Dr. Ferdausee Haque (Ex-Line Director, DGHS) delivered his welcome speech as the Chief Guest. In her speech, she thanked ‘SHARE’ project of icddr,b for supporting DGHS to organize this training for health managers on evidence informed health policy for last three years. She also highlighted the importance of quality research and importance of evidence informed health policy making in Bangladesh. Dr. ATM Iqbal Anwar (Scientist and Project Director, icddr,b) highlighted the importance of the workshop as an collaborative effort of SHARE project of icddr,b. Dr. Sher Mostafa Sadik Khan (Deputy Director, DGHS) was also present in the inaugural session. In his speech, he provided important directives to the health managers regarding proper utilization of available resources and importance of research knowledge in health management.
Sl No. Topic Facilitator
1. Evidence Informed Health Policy Making Dr. Iqbal Anwar
2. Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods Dr. K.M. Saif-Ur-Rahman
3. Health Systems and Health Policy Making Dr. Iqbal Anwar
4. Universal Health Coverage Dr. Shahed Hossain
Day 2: February 26, 2018
The 2nd day of the training session started with a recap – facilitated by Dr. K.M. Saif-Ur-Rahman. After the short recap, scheduled sessions were conducted by respective facilitators as follows:
Sl No. Topic Facilitator
1. Overview on HPNSP 2017-21 Dr. Ferdausee Haque
2. Implementation Research Dr. Shahed Hossain
3. Non Communicable Diseases Prof. Shibbir Ahmed
4. Urban Health Dr. K.M. Saif-Ur-Rahman
5. Critical Appraisal Dr. Shahed Hossain
6. Literature Search Mr. Al Mamun

During Urban Health session, participants actively shared their experience and opinion regarding Urban Health Service Delivery and Governance. Participants actively participated in the sessions onNCD. Participants enjoyed the hands-on training on Literature Search and performed exuberantly. Session on Implementation Research and Critical Appraisal were highly praised the participants for the excellent delivery of the presenters with real life examples.
Day 3: February 27, 2018
After the short recap, scheduled sessions were conducted by respective facilitators as follow:
Sl No. Topic Facilitator
1. Access to Information (DHIS2) Dr. Roksana Nazneen; Mr. Badshah Sikandar
2. Leadership and Management Dr. Iqbal Anwar
3. Innovative health systems model
(Experience from Monpura) Dr. Mahmud Rashid

4. Innovative health systems model
(Experience from Chowgacha and Jhenaidah) Dr. Md. Emdadul Huq

Participants actively participated in the sessions of Leadership and Management. Evryone were extremely encouraged and motivated by the presentation on Monpura Upazilla Health Complex, Bhola delivered by Dr. Mahmud Rashid. Participants were also inspired from the lifetime experience of Dr. Emdadul Huq for his innovative models of community engagement for health service deliveryin Chowgacha and Jhenadah.

A short closing ceremony followed by certificate distribution was arranged at the end of training sessions. Dr. Ferdausee Haque, Ex-Line Director, DGHS, Dr. Md. Rowshon Anwar, Director Health, Khulna Division, Dr. Dilip Kumar Roy, Civil Surgeon, Jessore and Mr. Saidul Karim Mintu, Mayor, Jhenaidah were present in the closing ceremony. All the participants were highly impressed with the training. They stated that as health managers, the learning from this training would be very extremely beneficial for them in future planning and evidence-based decision making.

Dr. Ferdausee Haque shared her experience in different tiers of health systems of Bangladesh. She thankfully expressed the importance of this training which will be very much helpful for the participants in their professional life.

Dr. Dilip Kumar Roy (Civil Surgeon, Jessore) thankfully mentioned the timely initiative of icddrb for conducting this training in current context of the health systems of Bangladesh. Overall he thanked icddrb for organizing the training. He encouraged the junior health mangers and officers to apply the learning from training in their practical field and to contribute for the society.

Dr. Rowshon Anwar (Divisional Director, Khulna) thanked Dr. Iqbal Anwar for organizing such an excellent training workshop for the health mangers. He mentioned the continuous development in health sector of Bangladesh. He indicated that these trainings will reinforce this process. He conveyed message regarding the importance of evidence based decision making and expected that one a nationwide system will be developed for proper management.

Mr. Saidul Karim Mintu, Mayor, Jhenaidah inspired the doctors with his motivational speech. He emphasized on local level community support to solve problems immediately. He encouraged the doctors to avoid malpractice like taking undue incentives from pharmaceuticals and diagnostic centres. Mr. Mintu provided the example of Dr. Emdad and expressed his deep sense of gratitude for his honest and dedicated service. He was optimistic that each of the local health facility will follow the ‘Chowgacha-Jhenaidah” model one day and that will be the ultimate goal of better health service delivery. Honorable mayor expressed his interest to work with Dr. Iqbal Anwar and declared that he will support SHARE project to organize a ‘Mayoral conference’ at the end of March, 2018 in Jhenaidah to discuss the urban health service management with the representatives of local government authority and elected public representatives of Khulna division.
G. Pre- and –post-test assessment:
Pre- and post-test of the EIPM training were conducted to explore the change in attainment of knowledge in participants. Total score was 20 and duration was 10 minutes. Average marks in the pre-test was 40% which increased by 33% in the post-test (60%).
H. Course evaluation:
At the end of the course, an evaluation was conducted to perceive opinion of participants.