Date: 10/6/2018

Time: 11:00 AM – 1.00PM

Venue: IT Lab, MIS, DGHS


Dr. Md. Abus Salam (Chief, HIU), MIS, DGHS

Dr. Md Harun ur Rashid, Deputy Director, MIS,DGHS

Dr. Anwara Shareef , Deputy Chief (Medical ), MIS

Md. Ashraful Islam Babul, Deputy Chief (Non-medical ), MIS , DGHS

Md. Burhan Uddin Ahamed, Programer, MIS, DGHS

Md. Razi Uddin,  Asst. Chief Statistical officer, MIS, DGHS

Md. Asaduzzman Siddique , Asst. Programmer, MIS, DGHS

Md. Monir Hossian, Asst. Programmer, MIS, DGHS

Miss. Kalpana Bhandari,  MIS Consultant, DGHS

Mr. Badsha Muhammad Shekander, Senior Programmer, icddr,b

Dr. Jannatul Ferdous, Health Officer, Unicef

Md. Masud Pravez, HMIS Consultant, Unicef

Dr. T. A. Robin, Save  the Children

Fatema Uddin, Deputy Team Leader, HIPS BD

Mr. Nayeem Al Miftah, HISP Bangladesh

Muhammad Abdul Hannan Khan,DHIS2 Country Coordinator, HISP-BD

Dr. Shahida Akhtar, National Coordinate, UNFPA

Tasmia Islam, Consultant, WHO

Dr. Shah Ali Akbar

Other colleagues from MIS and Coordination cell under DGHS


  • Chief Sir start the meeting and give floor to Mr. Badsha to review the last meeting minutes.
  • DHIS2 focal point Mr. Ashraf appointed by Chief Sir. Mr. Ashraf will take necessary steps for arranging upcoming DHIS2 core committee meeting with the assistance of icddrb, SHARE Project.


Support ticket: Currently there is already is 700+ support ticket in this month. Fatema Uddin, Hisp shared that already access had given to the divisional concerned person to create and reset User id and Password of community clinic and AHI. Mr. Nayeem added that they can only create and reset user id and password but couldn’t delete. Assigned personal and divisional HMIS consultants were  facing problem regarding closing the support ticket.

Decision made:  Letter will be sent to 8 divisional HMIS consultant to solve ticket based on their assigned division. And also proper access will be given to view, solve and close the ticket.
-Mr. Ashraf, MIS along with Mr. Monir, MIS will go through whole process of support ticket monitoring e.g. how to review ticket, and then solve it and later close the ticket.  Dr. Jannat requested to review the whole process of given access to user management, Mr. Monir has been requested to provide access to division personnel to close the support ticket.

Dataset Review: A summary of DHIS2 full data set has been created by Mr. Raziuddin and Miss Kalpana.

Decision made:
Mr. Nayem  will review the whole summary and then will take necessary steps regarding unused dataset. Fatema,Hisp Bd will provide the data element name of each data set along with a screenshot of  that dataset to Mr. Raziuddin and Kalpana.

On spot Divisional and district meeting advocacy:

Based on the feedback from meetings here below is the overall output of the Divisional and district meeting advocacy:

Dhaka, Mymensingh WHO On process. Report will be provided soon.
Chittagong Unicef On process
Rajshahi, Rangpur Vital Strategies and HiSP Bangladesh Vital Strategies having problem regarding administrative permission from their organization. Hisp BD will join advocacy meeting online in coming days
Sylhet UNFPA On process
Khulna icddrb icddrb team joined Jessor district monthly meeting along with Dr. Md. Abus Salam (Chief, HIU), MIS, DGHS and also submitted the meeting report to MIS
Barisal Save the Children On process. Report will be provided soon.



Sync data server: Dr. Jannat mentioned issue about synchronization of the community server and the central server. Mr. Nayeem said that he is aware of that issue and will work that issue.

Reporting rate summary: Ms. Tasmia, WHO mentioned about the mismatch between pivot table reporting rate summary and report summary from the report. Mr. Nayeem agreed with this issue and he said he will work to solve this issue.

DHIS2 E-Learning Tool:  Mr. Robin, Save the children, mentioned that they introduced dhis2 e-learning tool in Viola workshop. They will also share the DHIS2 e-learning tool in the next upcoming NIPORT meeting.

Finding no other agenda Chief, MIS thanked to all participants and then closed the meeting.