Dr. Iqbal Anwar (scientist and project director, icddrb) initiated the meeting and later Dr. Abdus Salam , Chief and Director -in charge, MIS, DGHS presided over the meeting by welcoming all the participants, and then brief introduction was held among the participants. Later Dr. Md Adnan Khan (MIS, DGHS) went through the following agenda one by one. In addition to that Dr. Samir Kanti Sarkar; Director (IPHN) and Dr. Hafizur Rahman Chowdhury (Associate Professor, University of Melbourne) joined the meeting after some time and also added there valuable input in the committee meeting and activity.

Agenda 1: Support Ticket Status

Discussion: Md. Ashraful Islam Babul will take the initiative to contact Activation Ltd about solving the HRM issue within a week.

Decision: It is decided that focal person Md. Ashraful Islam Babul will acknowledge director MIS after solving that HRM issue. And fortunately, the mentioned issue has been solved during the meeting time. The committee member thanked Mr. Babul for his quick initiative and solving the problem.

Agenda 2: Renaming the Committee Title

Discussion:  With reference to the previous meeting decision and suggestion, all Committee member agreed about renaming the committee title to “National HMIS coordination Committee”

Decision: From next month and onwards monthly DHIS2 core committee meeting will be entitled as “National HMIS coordination Committee”

Agenda 3: Divisional and District level HMIS capacity building

Discussion: Unicef representatives were absent during the meeting time. However, through over phone voice call, Dr. Jannatul Ferdous (Unicef) mentioned that Unicef planning to partially withdraw the support. In this regard, Unicef may assign 4 HMIS consultants for 8 division.

Decision: With the help of Md. Ashraful Islam Babul; Director MIS sir will send a request letter to Unicef mentioning the necessity of having partial HMIS consultant support. That letter will mention about providing at least 1 HMIS consultant for 2 division. Hence 4 HMIS consultants will take care of 8 division. In addition to that, this also mandatory to ensure that low performing division (Sylhet, Rangpur, Mymensingh) must have the HMIS consultant.


Agenda 4: Dataset Review

Discussion: Two level of discussion is needed before taking any decision. Initially committee will prepare an indicator wise dataset review report and then  OP wise dataset review report will be prepared based on the submitted data set review report(Dr. Adnan shared this  in last meeting).

Decision: Newly reformed committee will have another meeting regarding this issue. Committee members are : Dr. Md Adnan Khan(focal person), Engr.Sukhendu Shekhor Roy; Md. Ashraful Islam Babul , Mr. Hannan Khan; Mr. Razi Uddin, Kalpana Bhandari, Shila Sarkar

Agenda 5 : MCCD

Discussion: WHO proposed to use the term MCCD rather than MCCoD. Dr. Shah Ali Akbar Ashrafi mentioned about improving the monitoring quality. He also added that among 8 district 3 districts (Mymensingh, Barisal, Rangpur) are not reporting properly.


  1. In this regard a monitoring committee has been formed. Committee members are Razi Uddin; Farida Begum; Md. Jasim Uddin.
  2. The committee members will visit assigned medical college for on spot monitoring and support.
  3. MIS, DGHS will arrange half day training session on SMoL. Hisp will coordinate to arrange this training.


Agenda 6: Integrating the MCCD and MPDSR:

Discussion: Both Dr. ATM Iqbal Anwar and Dr. Shah Ali Akbar Ashrafi mentioned that policy level discussion is necessary before such integration.


  1. It is recommended to have a short presentation on integrating the MCCD and MPDSR in the next meeting from respective committee.
  2. Facility level integration can be done based on the decision from respective committee.


Agenda 7:  New features of DHIS2

Discussion: It is anticipated that most of the problem user are facing are due to cache clear issue. Fatema Uddin, Hisp ensured to resolve the dhis2 upgradation related issue within 1 week from the meeting date. For any future upgradation, committee members suggested to do the upgradation related task before final launching.


  1. With the guidance of Sukhendu Shekhor Roy; a cache clear manual along with proper pictures and direction will be shared via mail.

Agenda 8: Weekly Activity follow-up:

Discussion:  Dr. Samir Kanti Sarkar; Director (IPHN) mentioned the necessity of weekly task follow up, based the monthly meeting decision. Dr. Iqbal Anwar and Md. Asaduzzaman Siddique (MIS, DGHS) also mentioned similar concern regarding regular activity follow-up.


  1. Md Adnan Khan will coordinate the weekly evaluation and follow-up based on the decision from monthly meetings.



  1. There will be a meeting on data synchronization issue. In this regard a committee has been formed lead by Dr. Md. Harun-or Rashid. Other committee member are Mr.Sukhendu Shekhor Roy(MIS), Mr. Hannan Khan(Hisp), Mr. Nayeem Al Mifthah(HISP), Mr. Anik(STC), Mr. Julhas(UiO), Mr. Masud(Unicef), Mr. Badsha(icddrb). Dr. Adnan will take the initiative to arrange the meeting.


  1. Sukhendu Shekhor Roy (MIS) prescribed to use WHO provided tool for on spot monitoring.


  1. Fatema Uddin, Hisp will share the presentation via email with all of the committee member mentioning the new features of DHIS2


  1. Official from HISP(Fatema Uddin) will take care of Reporting rate mismatch
  1. Mr. Badsha Shekander, icddrb will share ambulance data with monitoring team. Dr. Adnan will take the initiative to arrange a follow-up meeting regarding this.
  2. Creating Ward as new organization is still in process.
  3. New institution need to be incorporated in the KMC dataset. Mr. Ashraful will share the facility with Fatema Uddin(Hisp)
  1. Fatema Uddin (Hisp) and Mr. Zillur Rahman will work on “X organization for delete” list




Finding no other agenda Dr. Iqbal Anwar (scientist and project director, icddrb) thanked to all participants and then closed the meeting.